Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Competence

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Emotional intelligence and emotional competence are two related terms yet their meaning differs.  They are both used t explain the status of individual emotions as it relates to intelligence. After analyzing wide range literature pertaining to emotional intelligence, I would define it as a kind of intelligence that relates to the emotional side of the life of a person (Santrock, 2001).  This pertains to the extent to which an individual can manage his or her emotions in an intelligent way.  It is the motivation of the individual to restrain from impulses that may lead them to problems and to handle personal and interpersonal relationships intelligently. As highlighted by different researchers, major components of emotional intelligence includes knowing and understanding individual emotions, managing emotions, self motivation, recognizing other people emotions, and handling relationships.
On the other hand, I would define emotional competence as learned capability that is grounded on emotional intelligence and which results in outstanding performance of assigned tasks.  Emotional competence is based individual strengths  to  learn and practice  skills pertaining to emotional intelligence based on five elements including self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation, empathy, and adeptness, all which are practices in realm of our daily relationships (Santrock, 2001).
Comparing the two concepts, it is evident they are both related because they are built on each other. Emotional competence is built on emotional intelligence and emotional competence expresses our mastery of emotional intelligence (Santrock, 2001). However, they differ in the sense that while emotional intelligence is not expressive, emotional competence can be assessed or expressed in our daily activities or through our actions.
One of the common attributes in both concepts is self-awareness.  Self-awareness is the state at which in emotional intelligence, individuals understand the kind of intelligence they are most gifted in, while in emotional competence, individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses in performing a task. Self-awareness is affected by development in the sense that it increase as we grow. It is affected not only by cognitive development but also by physical and social development (Bretherton, 1992).

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Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Competence

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Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Competence

This article was published on 2012/03/20